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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Intervention - Session 11

Joy and Kayla try to feel each other out while enjoying some local food and drink.
[I'm going to set this scene back at the Peacecorps camp with Joy and Kayla. It will not be from Kayla's POV, so it is Joy again. They are sitting down for some dinner consisting of local cuisine and local beer [Mythic], shortly after their episode in the cave.

Chaos factor is 6. ]

Scene setup: Kayla and Joy are sitting inside Kayla's cabin enjoying some Ugali with beef stew.

Joy, trying to break the silence, says: "Hmmm. Tasty stuff. What's this starchy stuff made of?"

Turn 54: [BIC: "Restriction". A blindfolded guy in a labyrinth. UNE says that Kayla's demeanor/bearing is "Inquisitive/Command". Is she rude by ignoring what Joy said? Odds Very Unlikely: 06, Exceptional yes. ]

Instead of answering Joy's question, Kayla: "I am really frustrated. I feel like I'm just feeling my way in the dark."

Joy always got the impression that Kayla was a no nonsense type of person, but she is still somewhat taken aback by this. "I'm sorry, Kayla. I..."

Kayla: "Don't be sorry, Joy. Just keep me in loop. I'm risking my skin by helping you", she says somewhat testily.

Joy: Well, what do you want to know?

Turn 55: [BIC: "Energy". A guy standing on a garden full of flowers, soaking in the sun, with arms spread. In a way, it almost looks like Seinfeld's "Serenity now!" look of exasperation so...]

Kayla, somewhat exasperated: "Well, how about everything you know. You travelled half across the world to track this monster, so you must have a good reason ([RSC: the globe])"

Joy: "It was the vision I had about the boy which finally drove me here. I already told you that."

Turn 56: [BIC: "Celebration". Does Kayla still feel as if Joy is holding back something? Odds Very Likely (otherwise she wouldn't be questioning her): 90, Yes. ]

Kayla: "I'm not a psychic, but my job here is to manage people-- so I know how to read them. I'll be very happy when you decide you can tell me everything." She then changes the conversation by asking Joy if she likes fish; she wants to take Joy to try another local dish the next day.

Kayla continues to chit chat somewhat coolly [Mythic], and Joy absentmindedly responds as she thinks that she is indeed holding back from Kayla what she saw in her last vision. She doesn't know if Kayla has something to do with the fact that the killer is expecting her-- or is she finally losing her mind?

[I was envisioning a scene with a more friendly tone between Joy and Kayla (just two girls sharing a beer and sharing some info about themselves), but UNE and Mythic threw me a curve ball again.

Scene upkeep:

Updated thread list:

#12: Joy's last vision of the killer told her that he is expecting her. It's a man, but she can't see his face. How does he know? (Not a real update, but just to add the question)

Chaos factor down to 5 as scene was relatively in control of Joy.]


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