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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Intervention - Session 5

Keyla receives another email from that nut, Joy.

[Rereading my last session, I realized I botched some of the rolls with the boys inside the cave. The Intuition rolls were actually Fails, while the first Reflex roll for Mishale should have been a Success. Fortunately, the botched rolls didn't really affect the final outcome. They did add some nail-biting moments, though. ]
[One thing I should start doing is to keep track of NPCs and Thread by creating lists, as Mythic instructs. I haven't been taking advantage of Mythic's random events and such. Not only that, keeping a list of open Threads provides some direction. The ongoing lists will be here.

I should also start keeping track of the chaos factor as that provides more variety to the Mythic rolls.]

Turn 21[I turn over a card named "Receiving." A woman dressed in red is sitting on a rock, surrounded by a South Western desert scenery with cacti. She is opening a gift.

Mythic Question: Is this scene from Joy's POV? 50/50: 66 no. It has to be from Kayla's POV. Odds 50/50: 16, Yes. Has Joy felt the tragedy via her sensory gift? 50/50: 47, yes. Has she sent an inquiring email to Kayla? Very Likely: 35, Yes.

I thought to discount Keyla as the killer because I have to play the scene from her POV. At the same time, I thought that the way she was distracted around the boys could be construed as slightly suspicious. It's unlikely, but the question should be asked: Is Keyla the culprit? Odds Unlikely: 68, No.

More info about the email: Does Joy offer to help? Odds Very Likely: 94, No A new warning? 50/50: 62, No. What is Joy writing about? Action/Subject Table: Excitement - Disruption. Is the killer lying low for a while after the attack? 31, Yes Does she know the killer's gender? 50/50: 64, no.

Is Keyla open-minded about juju stuff? Odds: 50/50: 81,no]

Immediately upon waking up the next day, Keyla sees another email from the nutty lady. What did she want now? Her new email read: "The fear of justice has not erased the malice or anger. I don't know if it's the last kill."

Nuts, she thinks. But then she realizes someone is playing a sick game with her. She'll have Gretchen trace the damn AOL address, and have the sicko kicked out of the program. Disgusting.

Then she realizes, "But, how would they have known beforehand that the attack would happen?" Goosebumps. That trace is going to happen NOW. "Gretchen!!!"

[I know that the email is not from the killer. However, would the killer be brave enough to send Keyla a souvenir? I don't see the connection so Odds, Very Unlikely: 27, No. It would have been clich├ęd, but fun.

The scene ends with Keyla yelling for Gretchen. This should have been part of the last session, but I had to cut that one short. I feel this is a good scene to end what would be Act 1 in a movie.]


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