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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Intervention - Session10

Gloria is in one of her regular visits to her son's resting place. Somehow, she can't shake the feeling that what happened at Joy's house has something to do with her son's spiritual well being.
[Mythic indicated that this scene would not be from Joy's POV. I rolled on the character list and got Gloria. This was the lady tried to have Joy contact her dead son Terrel.

It's a nonsensical result, but I'll go with it as it will continue to add to the "B" movie feel.

Chaos factor is 5. ]

Turn 52: {BIC: "Evaluation". A crowd is evaluating a painting as the artist looks on. RSC: A tree.}

Gloria is at the cemetery where her son is buried. [Did something happen to the grave? 94, No. Did she have a dream? 57, No] As usual, she is just there on a regular visit, making sure that everything looks in tip top shape, and keeping her son some company (as she likes to think of her visits).

She is still thinking of what happened at Joy's house, and she can't shake the feeling that it was related to Terrel. She feels so concerned that something is happening to him in the afterlife, and that Joy was holding back on her so she wouldn't worry. [Note: I'm envisioning Gloria as a doting mom and a bit of a neurotic worrier.]

She tried to contact Joy today. [Did she receive a response? Odds Very Unlikely: 51, No. ] She decides to drive by Joy's house, but no one is there [Mythic]. A neighbor is outside[Mythic], so she goes to ask him.

Gloria: "Excuse me. Would you by any chance know when Joy will be back?"

[Does he know that Joy is travelling (vacation)? Odds 50/50: 22, Yes. Random Event] The neighbor replies she's travelling on vacation.

[Random Event Focus: "Introduce a new NPC". Event Meaning: "Overindulge, Food". UNE (Universal NPC Emulator) says the NPC demeanor/bearing is: "Inquisitive, curiosity". NPC Focus is "The Character". This makes things easy. I'm imagining a somewhat comic version of a big, nosy neighbor. :)]

Just then, the man's portly wife [Mythic] comes out of the door saying that she couldn't help but overhear. She says she remembers Gloria from the first time she visited Joy [Mythic].

Gloria forces a somewhat embarrassed laugh, "Yes...". Clears her throat, "A friend had encouraged me to get in touch with her." The husband leaves her to deal with his wife on her own[Mythic]. "Well, I don't want to take up your time, so..[Does the portly woman interrupt her to grill her? Odds 50/50, 04 Exceptional Yes]

"Oh, no no no. It's no bother at all.", says the woman. She offers her hand with, "My name is Dana Fuentes" [RSC: an alien (Dana Scully), a fountain (fuentes in Spanish)]

Gloria wants to get away from her prying, but gracefully smiles and shakes Dana's hand. "I'm Gloria...Well, I must get.." [Does Dana interrupt again to keep her from leaving? She's not done with her grilling, so Odds Near Sure thing: 73, yes.]

Dana obviously wants to find out what Gloria visits Joy for [Mythic], so she "helpfully" suggests: "Oh, I'll be happy to take a message for Joy. What is the nature of your concern?"

Gloria stammers: "Oh...thanks...well...hmmm..."

Dana whispers in a conspirator's tone: "Oh, don't worry, Joy and I are very close."

Gloria finds her opportunity: "Oh, really?"

Dana replies enthusiastically: "Yes! We've been neighbors a long time."

Gloria: "In that case, can you tell me where she went?"

[Does this catch Dana off-guard? Mythic Odds 50/50: 07, Exceptional yes]Dana is caught off-guard as the conversation is turned around so skillfully. She somehow knows that Joy left about a day ago to visit a Peacecorps camp not far from Kampala in Uganda, so she tells Gloria. [Mythic]

Gloria thanks Dana for the information and leaves before Dana has a chance to recover[Mythic].

Turn 53: [BIC: "Enough". It's about too much vs. too little.]

Gloria has enough money from Terrel's insurance to cover a trip to Uganda if necessary. The well being of her son in the afterlife is paramount to her, so what's money in a situation like this, she thinks. She decides that time is of essence and that she can't wait for Joy to get back. It is then that she resolves to follow Joy to Uganda.

[Scene upkeep:

I wasn't too thrilled at having to do it from Gloria's POV, as I'm kind of stretching things to add her to the main plot. In a way, though, the scene turned out better than I expected due to the unexpected comic relief. That's why Mythic is so awesome.

We'll see where this leads, though.

Add new thread to list:

#14: Gloria is worried about her son in the afterlife, and decides to seek Joy out in Uganda (she cannot wait).

Add new character:

#16: Dana Fuentes: Joy's portly, nosy neighbor.

Chaos factor down to 4 as Gloria's was relatively in control.]


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