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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Intervention - Character & Thread Lists

Mythic Character and Thread lists for Intervention.

Character attribute definitions here.

Character List

1) Joy Shamrock (current Chaos Factor 6)

2) Syne MacReady [Rory's Story Cubes showed an alien when looking for a last name. I looked for "The Thing" in to find out what his character's last name was. Terribly clever. :-p]

3) Kayla Lamb (default Chaos Factor)

4) Radi (current Chaos Factor 6) (Deceased)

5) Radi's Family (I will list each member if/when it becomes necessary). Radi's parents.

6) Mishale (Deceased)

7)  Aminika (Mishale's mother. Default Chaos factor.)

8) The Killer  (default Chaos Factor)

9)  Gretchen (can add other Peace Corp staff members as it becomes necessary. Default Chaos Factor.)

10) Toby MacReady (Syne's ex-husband. Default Chaos Factor.)

11) Syne and Toby's twins (to be named)

12) Gloria: Terrel's mom; Joy's new client ( Chaos Factor 4)

13) Isleen: Terrel's fiance (Default Chaos Factor)

14) Terrel: Deceased

15) Lea Alvarez: Joy's contact in the homicide unit. (Default Chaos Factor)

16) Dana Fuentes: Joy's portly, nosy neighbor. (Default Chaos Factor)

17)Seargent Fahamu from the Kampala police.

Thread List

1) Joy's gift: She is now blocked from everything except visions of the killer and his victims. [This should be an ongoing thread, because it will be cool if a Mythic Event brings it up. It'll be a vision that comes at random.]

2) Syne and Toby's apparent feud after their divorce. (Roll this one into #3. Cross it out.)

3) Toby's change of character and his new philandering ways have given Syne cause to look for revenge by getting a hold of his old address book. She has tried to sully his reputation with his contacts. (This happened off scene, and an email from Syne is awaiting Joy whenever she gets to her account)

4) Radi's dream of being a jet pilot are shattered. Radi is killed.

5) Radi's little brother relationship to Kayla

6) Mishale's death. Mishale comes to Joy in a dream.

Does the juggling have any significance?(Given the other visions, it's just a thing of the kid's personality. No significance.

Mishale, Radi and other deceased folks continue to come to Joy-- in some cases to aid her. (see #11)
Visions regarding the killer have stopped. (See #1) Though still a believer, Joy has developed an aversion towards opening up to the spirit world.

7) What is/was on Kayla's mind while she was playing with the kids? Was it the breakup with the pilot? (see #8)

8): Kayla and Joy's ongoing communication regarding the killer. Was Kayla in communication with the killer too? (see #7) Update: Kayla continues to act like she has something to hide. She has asked Joy to leave after Joy confronts her.

9) The killer:  Continues to claim victims. Five victims in six years, and he appears to be loose in Kampala, Uganda's capital. Identifying details regarding his MO are emerging: strikes on rainy days, and leaves Bible passages about sin; thought to be about the victim's sin; he's angry and contemptuous. Less reliable but salacious gossip states that he strikes when rainbows are spotted over lake Victoria, and that he may be a practitioner of an African native religion who's mocking Christianity. Revealed to be a UN pilot. Motivation unknown as of yet, but may have to do with Kayla. Now he is on the run. Joy seems to have had a dream or vision indicating that the killer has been done away by the military, which appars to be covering the incident up for some reason. The local police are definitely covering it up, however.

10) Contacting Terrel: Isleen does not want to let Joy use Terrel's engagement ring. Session was unsuccessful.

11) The killer's victims erupted into Joy's awareness, interrupting her latest session. They demand justice. (see #6)

12) Joy's last vision of the killer told her that he is expecting her. It's a man, but she can't see his face. How does he know? Kayla? (see #7 & #8)

13) Radi's psyche unbalanced to the point where he performs animal sacrifice and self mutilation rituals as a way of "preparing" for the killer. This he calls "magic", and he believes Joy's "magic" can help him. Radi is deceased.

14) Gloria is worried about her son in the afterlife, and decides to seek Joy out in Uganda (she cannot wait). She meets a portly gentleman during her trip, who is quite chatty and quite the jet-setter.
15) Mishale's message to Joy: "His passion is your portal to the killer", meaning Radi's passion. This revealed that the killer is a UN pilot. Gloria has visited Joy again regarding this, a year after the events in Uganda.

16) Radi's parents want Radi to move on. They think Kayla and Joy are as foolish as Radi for getting involved. What will be the fallout now that Radi is dead?

17) Joy under suspicion now. Police covering up the evidence, and Joy kicked out of Uganda under threat of arrest if she comes back.


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