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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Intervention - Session 3 (Working Title)

Radi and the kids.
[I decided that the story needs a change of focus from Joy, even though I still thinking of her as the main PC. The Bright Idea card for this turn was a good opportunity to move the action to Uganda, and approach the story from another character's perspective.
Note: I think I'm going to have to create an entirely fictional (as far as I know) program that allows local kids to visit the U.S. through the Peace Corps, if they qualify. Or, somehow bring Joy to Uganda. It may be that the PC's can be kept separated for the length of the story, but I don't count on it.]

Turn 6: [I turn over a green Bright Idea card called "effort." It has a few boys playing with model airplanes. One of them in partiular is meticulously painting one of the models. There's some tall grass around, and a backdrop of bare mountains. The kids appear to be Black kids, so maybe it's time to move the focus to Uganda. Is this going to be from the perspective of the evil threat (like slasher movies)? 50/50: 52 no. From the perspective of Keyla Lamb? Somewhat Likely: 72, no. The boys? Somewhat Likely: 14, yes. I'll focus on the boy painting the model. Rory Story Cubes show "thunder" for his name, which is "Radi" in Swahili. He is going to be my second PC.

Radi-- Radi is about 14 years old.  His real name is Lutalo, which means "fighter" in Swahili, but he has been somewhat jokingly nicknamed "Radi", or "thunder", because his dream is to be a jet fighter pilot; to break the speed of sound. He likes to hang out with the Americans from the Peace Corp missions, because he can practice his English with them. They also bring him cool things like airplane models, or books about jet fighters.

Mythic GME indicates that Radi is on friendly terms with Kayla Lamb.

The static scene below.]

Radi is playing with an airplane that Kayla Lamb brought for him recently, when she got back from her break at home. It's one of those foam planes that you put together and throw against the wind so that they can fly. There are a few boys playing with him.

Turn 7: [I pull a Bright Idea card named "Exhaustion." The picture is of a guy sitting at an office desk, with a clock on the background. There is a ton of papers lying on that desk, and he looks overwhelmed, and tired. He is also chained to his chair, with a padlock. Ironically, a key is far away on the desk, behind a stack of papers.]

He spots Kayla in the cabin, busy at her computer, looking somewhat exhausted. Radi leaves his playmates with the airplane to sheephisly invite Kayla to play a little bit.

[Does she join him? Odds Unlikely: 06. Critical Yes.]

Kayla surprises him by cheerfully leaving her computer to join the boys in the fun. Radi asks her if he can use her computer briefly. [Mythic odds 50/50: 100, critical no].

"Not this time sweetie. I have some very important work in there, so maybe later," or words to that effect.

Radi has to accept, so he goes back with her to his friends.

Turn 8: [I turn over a Bright Idea card named "obsession". There's a guy looking through a magnifying glass at something in a mirror. There's a telescope, a microscope, and a beaker. There's cowebs on the guy. Mythic says it's not related to Radi's obsession (planes). It does say it has to do with Keyla. Is she obsessed with work right now? Likely: 96, No. Something with Joy's warning to her? Likely: 89, No. I'm going to say we don't know, but Radi notices it's obessive. ]

While Kayla was tossing the plane around with the kids, Radi still notices that Kayla is not "really there" with them, even though she seemed cheerful. Something is on her mind, and it finally pulls her back to her cabin.

Turn 9: [I turn over a Bright Idea card named "Examination". It shows an open mouth, and from the inside you can see a dentist checking it. There's one tooth that's obviously not healthy. Examination is close enough to exploration so... ]

One of the boys gets bored with the plane and suggests that everyone go to the cave where the bats live.

[Mythic GME: Do the other boys agree? 50/50: 98, Critical No]  None of the other boys will go, because they don't like bats, and it smells like feces.

Radi is curious himself [and I think the story demands he be there], so he joins his friend, Mishale.

Turn 10: [I pull a Bright Idea card named "Conclusion." It pictures a blond woman in a powder blue frilly dress. There are shelves with what look like boxes of different colors. She holds a yellow box in her hands, that she has apparently chosen after careful deliberation.

I'll focus on the word "conclusion", meaning that something is ending. Are Radi's parents calling him to go home (ending his trip)? Somewhat Likely: 100, Extreme No. Kayla? 50/50: 07, Extreme Yes. ]

Radi's parents don't really keep tabs on him that much. In a way, Kayla has become like a big sister to him, so when she tells him that he should get going home before it gets too dark, Radi wants to please her.

[Does Mishale go on to explore the caves without Radi? Odds: 50/50, 12, Yes] Mishale decides to go on by himself.
[I think this is a good point to break. Perhaps I will be able to view what happens at the caves from another character's POV...]


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