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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Intervention- Session 9

Joy makes it to Uganda, and has a strange encounter.
[I'm finally back from my short vacation. I've been looking forward to continuing this story. :)

I had some time to think about what Joy's last vision, where she found out that the killer was expecting her,  might mean. At first, I thought that the most logical thing would be that someone informed the killer, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, or that the killer has access to Kayla's computer. However, given that psychic ability is a reality in this story, wouldn't it be just as logical that the killer has at least a psychic link to Joy? Therefore, I think there's about 50/50 Odds for each.

I will continue from Joy's POV as it seems most appropriate given all the question marks.

Chaos factor is 7.

Various Mythic Fate rolls indicate that Joy is able to pay for her trip, and that nothing eventful happens during the flight to Kampala.

Turn 42: [BIC: Debate. It's obviously about deliberating and choices: balances, a guy in a suit that has one side in black and the other in white, a fork in the road, etc. There is also a storm far away in the mountains.

A Mythic Fate roll indicates that Kayla does arrive to get Joy from the airport. Another roll indicates that the BIC applies to Kayla.]

It's a stormy day as Joy's plane descends at Entebbe International Airport near Lake Victoria. She makes it past immigration and security without much trouble. After making it through the crowd, she finds Kayla, who seems excited to see her, yet conflicted.

[Does she say anything to try to dissuade Joy from going through with her search? Odds 50/50: 36, Yes ] [Via RSC: ] Kayla bluntly tells Joy that maybe she should just go home and try to forget the whole thing. She wants to see the killer brought to justice too, but he could be anywhere. She fears they are gambling with their lives.

Joy: "I really need all the help I can get, but I'll understand if you decide you'd rather not get involved further." Joy doesn't really have a plan, but she asks Kayla to at least tell her how to get to the cave.

[Joy's persuasion skill is Average, which translates to 50/50 odds. However, since skill contests do not involve a chaos factor, I'll use the default chaos of 5. Does Kayla agree to help Joy? Odds 50/50: 08, Exceptional Yes]

[Via RSC:] Kayla: "I'm not sure why I even asked you to go home. Come on, let's find the jeep, it's a short walk from here. "  As they drive to the village near the cave, Kayla breaks the silence to say "I feel like I'm in the middle of a horror movie or a Stephen King book."

Turn 43: [Mythic indicates they arrive to the village, and the cave, without incident. BIC: "Experience"]

Kayla asks Joy whether she has previous experience with serial killers.

Joy: "I've helped police find bodies of victims. I've never had direct visions of the killer like this. "
[RSC: ] Kayla: "If you ever dream about the lottery, let me know. I'd love to get a penthouse in New York." Neither of them laugh.

Turn 44: [BIC: Crisis. Mythic indicates that something happened outside the cave, and it's related to the killer. RSC: parachute, lamb. ]

The women hear a thud outside the cave: It's a goat's head. Someone threw it.

[Does Joy see anything? Odds 50/50: 70, Yes. Mythic: "Neglect, Masses". Mass Graves? Odds: No Way: 04, Exceptional Yes. Humans? Odds: No Way: 52, No. Bats only? Odds: 50/50: 19, Yes]

It is only then that Joy notices all the dead bats in various states of decomposition.

Turn 45: [BIC: "Sacrifice" ] Joy further notices that it seems this is part of a sacrifice ritual. [Religious markers? 50/50: 68, Yes. Christian? Likely: 06, Exceptional Yes] There are crude scratches on the wall depicting crosses. The bat bones and decomposing bodies lie in front of the markings.

Turn 46: [BIC: "Response". Depicts a clumsy woman knocking over a computer as she tries to catch a falling mug.]

Kayla takes a step backwards but stumbles. She doesn't knock anything over, but falls [per Mythic].

[Is there anywhere to hide in the cave? Odds 50/50: 30, Yes. ] As Joy pulls Kayla to her feet to look for a place to hide further down the cave, she notices that this seems to be no natural cave, but a former mine of some sort [Mythic description of the cave was "mechanically, valuable"].

Joy and Kayla hide as far back as possible, where it's dark. [Did Kayla bring a flashlight? Odds 50/50: 85, No. Does anyone come into the cave? Near Sure Thing: 60, Yes. Does he/she have illumination? Very Likely: 91, Yes]

Joy stays quiet. [Does Kayla? Near Sure Thing: 44, Yes. Random Event] Kayla is also very quiet, trying to listen or see.

[Resolve Random Event: 37, "Move Toward a Thread". Randomly chosen thread is #4: "4) Radi's dream of being a jet fighter".

The traumatic event could push Radi to find shelter in his dream, as well as push him away from it. Did Radi's experience derail his dream? Odds 50/50: 58, Yes.
RSC: water under a bridge, which I interpret as a flow of tears]

Joy and Kayla hear a young man crying. There is more anger than sorrow [Mythic]. Kayla immediately realizes it's Radi [Mythic].

Turn 47: [BIC: "Imagination". The basic meaning of the card is that we must be cautious when our dreams become the drug of choice (dreaming without action). ] Radi vocalizes his anger at fate, and the killer for his failed dreams. He curses the fateful day that years ago took his friend away, and brought misfortune to his own life.

[Does Kayla translate this for Joy? Odds Likely: 63, Yes] Kayla whispers to Joy all that Radi is expressing. Joy, for her part, tells Kayla that they should hang back. They don't know how unbalanced Radi has become, given the goat's head and dead bats they found.

Turn 48: [BIC: Restlessness. ] Kayla, however, is too restless to just leave Radi there. "He's been like a little brother to me," she protests. Joy tries to hold her back, explaining again that he could be the one who killed all those animals.

[Persuasion roll. Joy's Persuasion skill is Average. Since I have no stat for Kayla, I'll transpose that Average rank to Odds 50/50. Radi is like a little brother to Kayla, but given the goat head and dead bats argument from Joy is pretty strong, it kind of cancels out. Does Joy succeed in persuading Kayla? Odds 50/50: 13, Yes]

Joy succeeds in convincing Kayla to hold back. [Does Radi hear them whispering? Intuition Average vs Exceptional Difficulty given that they are whispering and there is bat noise. 46, Fail] Radi does not seem to hear them.

Turn 49: [BIC: Confrontation. Does Radi vocalize an intent on confronting the killer? Odds A Sure Thing: 08, Exceptional yes]

Radi becomes more agitated and loudly says something as he punches the wall. Kayla tells Joy that he just swore he'd kill the murderer if he ever found him. They continue to watch him.

Turn 50: [BIC: "Preparation". A woman on a unicycle going downhill as she reads instructions on how to ride a unicycle. There's a stumbling rock in the middle of the road that she's not seeing.

Is Radi leaving the cave? Odds 50/50: 91, No. Does his "preparation" involve some crazy ritual involving animal sacrifice? I don't know if he's completely lost it, so Odds 50/50: 63, Yes ] Joy and Kayla watch with increasing horror as Radi goes back to retrieve the goat's head to put it on one of the makeshift altars. He also proceeds to cut himself as an offering [Mythic].

Turn 51: {BIC: "Direction"}

Kayla tells Joy that Radi prays for some direction that will point him towards the killer to enact his revenge. He leaves the cave shortly after that [Mythic].

Joy suggests that they get out of there and go to Kayla's camp. Kayla agrees [Mythic].

[Scene upkeep:

Update thread list:

#4: Radi's dream of being a jet pilot are shattered.
#13: Radi's psyche unbalanced to the point where he performs animal sacrifice and self mutilation rituals as a way of "preparing" for the killer.

Scene relatively in control for Joy (she was out of danger due to her rolls), so chaos factor down to 6.]


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