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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Intervention - Session 7

Joy receives a visit from a new client named "Gloria".

[Note: The last roll of "88" was not a random event as I had written. 8 was not under the chaos factor of 6, so it wouldn't count as a random event. It still gave me a good idea for a next scene to try.

Chaos for Joy is now 5, per our last scene. ]

(Rory's Story Cubes: a sheep, a tall building, a sleeping face, and a lighting (or thunder).)
Joy's client is a middle aged lady named Gloria Shepard (thanks Todd). Her son, Terrel, was a window washer at the U.S. Bank Tower in L.A. He died in an accident when he fell asleep with drowsiness due to a wrong dose of lithium for his bipolar disorder. Gloria heard about Joy from a mutual friend.

[Did Gloria bring everything that Joy had requested? Odds Near Sure Thing: 93, No. What did she not bring? (Complex question so Event Action/Subject) Propose, Love]

Joy had asked Gloria to bring a picture of him, a favorite personal effect which was a fancy fountain pen engraved with his name, which his fiance gave him (Rory's Story Cubes showed a fountain). Joy had also wanted to get his engagement ring, but Gloria did not bring it. His ex-fiance, Isleen (Rory's Story Cubes showed a sleeping face for her name), had refused [Mythic].

[Is Isleen a believer? Odds Unlikely: 08, exceptional yes. Is she just still too raw? Odds Near Sure Thing: 64, Yes ]

It's not that Isleen doesn't believe, explains Gloria. She is still too sad about it.

Joy understands, of course. She asks Gloria to proceed to tell her about her most vivid memory of Terrel as a boy.

(Rory's Story Cubes: a clock, a set of arrows in going in all directions, a foot print, a straight arrow, a tree, a flash light, and a book). Gloria reminisces about how Terrel, as a young boy, used to sneak out of his room late at night. He would look in all directions to make sure no one caught him, and walk barefoot to his tree house where he would read comic books by the flashlight until he fell asleep.

Joy listens as she waits for that sense of connection.

[I had originally resolved the mistaken random event to "PC Negative: Desert Magic". This still gave me a good idea for a next scene with Joy. I think she needs a closer brush with personal adversity.

During her session with her client, does Joy experience disruptions related to the killer? Odds 50/50: 56, no. Related to the victims? 50/50: 25, Yes.]

Instead of seeing or sensing Gloria's dearly departed son, she sees the sad faces of those who were cruelly dispatched by the killer who's been haunting her thoughts.

Turn 30: [From now on, I will refer to the Bright Idea card as BIC. BIC: "Resolve." Image of a place on fire, with a lady sitting on the floor with her cat, next to the flames near an entrance. A fireman is reaching out for her as if to help. The image is ambiguous; it's not clear if she's brushing his hand away or reaching for it.]

She tries to push them away; to explain that there's nothing she can do for them, but they are strong in their resolve to enter her awareness.

[This should be a Willpower contest. Joy should have an Exceptional willpower. Are these spirits' common Willpower Exceptional? Odds 50/50: 28, yes.

It's Joy's Exceptional rank vs the spirits' Exceptional rank: 71, Fail.  ]

Joy tries hard, but she is not able to push these souls away from her awareness. Gloria looks on somewhat concerned at Joy's demeanor, not knowing what is happening.

Turn 31: [BIC: "Balance". It has a woman in a red dress with a set of scales on her back, while she is balancing on top of an obelisk's point. The obelisk itself is higher than the tall buildings around. On the scale are gold coins on one side and a baby on the other. I'll interpret the scales to mean justice. ]

The deceased cry out for justice. Joy demands from who? God is the only one who can deliver that. But they just repeat their cry. [Do they leave Joy after that? Odds 50/50: 12, yes.] As suddenly and unexpectedly as they came, they leave.

Turn 32: [BIC: "Boldness" There's a man with a dumbell on his hand, stomping/stepping on a large snake. ]

Gloria, apologetically, explains that sometimes Terrel was very assertive and forceful. Then, with concern, she asks Joy: "Why was Terrel asking for justice? Did someone do something to him?"

Joy only reveals that someone else barged into her consciousness. She apologizes to Gloria that wasn't able to connect with Terrel. Looking a bit shaken and exhausted, she asks to postpone the session and try again later.

[Is Gloria ok with that? Odds Near Sure Thing: 48, yes. Is she scared of what happened? Odds 50/50: ] Gloria, looking a bit scared readily agrees. Joy doesn't know if she'll return, but right now she just wants to rest. What will be, will be.

Turn 33: [BIC: "capability". A man with wings on his shoes is flowating in the air as he juggles a house, a cup of cofee, a watch, and a globe.]

Later at night, in her sleep, Gloria dreams herself in an unfamiliar city, and somehow she knows she is in Kampala, just as she knows this is no ordinary dream.

[Is Mishale in the dream? Odds 50/50: 30, Yes. Is he whole? Odds 50/50: 70, No. ]

The first victim, the boy, is there. A charming smile on his face, he's trying to teach her how to juggle some pebbles. They giggle together whenever she drops them. When she finally gets the hang of it, they both laugh together, but seeing the awful scar all around his neck cuts her laughter short. The thought that the world is poorer for his absence just fills her with sadness.

[Does the vision fade? Odds 50/50: 41, Yes]

The dream then fades away into deep sleep. When Joy wakes up, her mind is made up to help find justice for this boy...for all the victims.

[Scene upkeep:

More characters for the list:

12) Gloria: Terrel's mom; Joy's new client.
13) Isleen: Terrel's fiance
14) Terrel: Deceased

Update thread list:

6) Mishale's death. Mishale comes to Joy in a dream. Does the juggling have any significance?
10) Contacting Terrel:  Isleen does not want to let Joy use Terrel's engagement ring. Session was unsuccessful.
11) The killer's victims erupted into Joy's awareness, interrupting her latest session. They demand justice.

Scene relatively out of control for Joy, so Chaos goes up to 6.


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