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Monday, May 30, 2011

Intervention - Session 4 (Working Title)

Radi and Mishale explore the bat cave.
[Is this scene going to be seen through the eyes of Mishale? Likely: 04, Yes. OK, I'll have to play him as a PC as well.]

[PC sketch: I got his name from Rory Story Cubes, which showed me an arrow. "Mishale" is Swahili for "arrow". This nickname was given to him because this kid is a natural runner. 12 years old, even 17 year old boys can't outrun him. Thus, he is as fast as an arrow...maybe faster, if you listen to those he beat.

He is a curious kid. Not particularly afraid of bats or ghosts, though sometimes he is prone to telling tall tales of big fish or aliens. ]

Turn 11: [I flip over a Bright Idea Deck card named "achievement." It has a man on an olympic type podium receiving a medal. What looks like his teamates are cheering. An unrelated man in the background is sulking.]

Mishale makes it to the cave with no incident. [Is it dark yet? Odds Likely: Yes.] Mishale decides not to go too far in, and just sort of look a bit from the outside with the help of the moonlight.

Turn 12: [ flip over a Bright Idea card named "Union". It has a couple on what looks like a beach, walking towards each other as if to embrace. There is a river that flows into the ocean, a sunset or dawn, and birds. We could think of that as "joining", does Radi come to join his compadre? Odds 50/50: 45,  yes.]

[Via Rory Story Cubes] Radi silently steps up to Mishale, trying to scare his fearless friend. [I think that's a Willpower roll for Mishale to see if his friend successfully scares him.]

[I've decided Mishaele's Willpower stat is Above Average in Mythic terms, because of his PC sketch. I think a person must have Above Average willpower at least not to be frightened by someone coming up behind them in a setting like that. It's an Above Average vs Above Average contest in Mythic (50/50 odds): I roll 01 for Mishale, a Critical Success.]

Unfortunately for Radi, his friend really is fearless. He just stares at Radi blankly for a second, wondering what he's doing here. Then he smiles, happy that his friend decided to join him.

Turn 13: [I pull a Bright Idea card named "Motivation." There's a man in a suit, sitting at a desk. He holds a trophy on one hand, and a whip on the other. There is a goldfish inside a fishbowl, which is on top of the desk.]

Radi tells Mishale that he kept thinking that maybe they'd find something cool here. He might get in trouble with Kayla, but he borrowed a flashlight. Mishale takes the flashlight and enters the cave.

Turn 14: [I pull a Bright Idea card named "Wholeness." There is a guy meditating in the center of the card. The card is divided into four corners around the meditating man. Clockwise, there are two persons, a tree, a lightbulb, and a hand holding a globe. This card can sometimes serve as a caution against not being satisfied (whole), or being distracted by your environment (the meditating man). ]

The boys should have been content to stay explore near the entrance, but they have decided to go even deeper. They are also distracted by their surroundings. [Is something lurking besides the bats? Odds 50/50: 31, Yes. Does it have bad intentions? Odds 50/50: 26, Yes. Is it human? Odds A sure Thing: 02, Critical Yes. Will it attack now? 50/50: 07 Critical Yes. It's aiming to kill.  ]

[The boys deserve a chance to see if they sense something first. Per Mythic, it's an Intuition roll. I think that given it's a cave, and it's dark except for the flashlight Radi brought, spotting someone is going to be of High difficulty. I'm going to say that both PC's have an Average intuition, so it's Average vs High.

Radi rolls first: 38, success.
Mishale next: 75, success (right on the dot). ***]

Turn 15: [I want to get a little bit of an idea of how it happens. I turn a Bright Idea card, and I get one called "Desire." There's a red headed guy in a white suit, standing on a tree stump so that he can get an apple from a tree. There's a shadow in teh distance watching him with its hands on its hips. ]

Both of the boys catch a glimpse of a person's shadow, right before they are attacked.

[Mythic GME: Does the attacker have a weapon? Odds, A Sure Thing:  10, Critical yes. Is it a big axe pick? Odds, Very Likely: 94, No. A machete? Odds, Very Likely: 11, Critical Yes. A shiny new machete. Very sharp. Is Mishale attacked first? 50/50: 41, yes]

[Since Mishale is an athletic boy, the fastest in the village/town, I'll set his Agility at Exceptional (in Odds terms, "Very Likely"), and his reflexes at High (in Odds terms, "Likely").
Radi, on the other hand, I envision as an average kid in that regard (though highly intelligent, which I will stat when needed).

Since I have no idea who the attacker is or his stats, and I don't want to know, I will use Mythic GME Fate questions with some logic.

Neither of the boys got completely surprised by the attack, due to their Intuition roll successes, so no rank penalties. Does Mishale avoid the attack? Odds Likely: 56, fail.

I'm going to say that Mishale has Average toughness. I also say a machete has a damage rank of High. So it's a roll of High vs Average: 78, No. ]

Mishale is cut superficially, but suffered no real damage because the weapon didn't hit him in full. Upset bats, start to fly out of the cave, creating more chaos.

Turn 16: [I turn over a Bright Idea card named "Loss." It has a mama blue bird looking distressed as another blue bird feeds a nest of baby birds. ]

Mishale realizes that a terror filled Radi has started to run away. He tries to run away too.

[Mythic: Does the agressor attack again? This person is homicidal, so Odds Sure Thing: 38, Yes.
Does Mishale avoid the attack? Due to his High reflexes Odds Likely: 100, Critical Failure. Poor Mishale, the attacker catches him in a full blow, and extinguishes his life (per Mythic rules*)
Does the murderer chase after Radi? Odds 50/50: 50, yes. I said Radi's Agility was Average, but he got somewhat of a headstart. I'd say his odds of escaping are Above average (Likely). Can Radi outrun the killer?  Odds Likely: 45, yes.

Turn 17: [I turn over a card named "Doing-Persuasion." It has a picture of a brunette wearing a white dress. She is standing on a path, and looking through binoculars, while two suitors offer her a heart shaped gift, and a bouquet of roses respectively. There is a garden of roses in the background. Well, I'll just go with the word Persuasion to interpret what Radi does (he's an NPC in this cave scene anyway).
I think he is going to try and get some help. Persuade someone, most likely an adult, to go help Mishale.

Who is closer to the caves, his parents? odds 50/50: 02, Critical Yes. The Peace Corps are much further from there. So he goes to his parents first. Can he even be coherent? 50/50: 19, Yes.
Is the killer insane enough to follow him to the village? Odds No Way: 19, No.

I'm assumming that Radi's parents are normal loving parents, if only very busy, hardworking folks. Do they listen to him? Odds Has To Be: 65, yes. ]

Radi barges through the door at his home looking pale, and wild eyed, screaming that Mishale and him have just been attacked. It can be assumed that his parents frantically ask him whether he's hurt, and where did it happen.  

Turn 18: [I turn a card named "Learning-Impression". The scene looks like a talent show, where a woman is being judged by two guys as she does a blancing act of some sort.]

At first, Radi's parents briefly wonder if their son is on a flight of imagination of some sort, but as they realize he is serious they begin to ask  him all sorts of questions as to what happened.

[Mythic: Does Radi know that Mishale is dead? Odds, 50/50: 13,  yes. Does Radi urge them to go back to find the killer? Odds A Sure Thing: 10, Critical Yes. He is frantic to go back and catch the killer. Did he see enough of the killer to give a description? In the dark, while Mishale had the flashlight, Odds Unlikely: 93, Critical No. It was too dark, and too chaotic for him to see anything. Besides, he was the first to run for his life.

Does he feel guilty? Odds Very Likely: 07, Critical/Extreme Yes]

Radi can't describe the killer, whether it's a woman or man, how tall, or anything else. He only knows they were surprised by the presence, and the sudden attack...and that he left his buddy there.  He begins to cry, though he tries to hide it.

Do his parents gather as many armed men from the village as possible? Odds Has to Be: 84, yes.]

Radi's father orders him to stay home with his mom, while he gathers the men to go to the cave. Those who have guns or rifles grab them, those who don't, get their knives, sticks or machetes. This is closer to a lynch mob than an investigation.

Turn 19: [I turn a Bright Idea card named Freedom. A guy running on a rainbow, with a sand clock on one hand, and some sort of bufoon doll/stick on the other. There's a book floating in the background, along with a vortex of some kind. There's an egg and a bull as well. (WTF? haha). I'll take the "freedom" word.

Is Mishale's body there? The killer might have had time to run back and move the kid's body, so 50/50: 30, yes. The body is still there. Was he decapitated? 50/50: 15, Yes.]

When the men of the village get to the cave, the killer is long gone, but Mishale's headless body is lying on the floor in rivers of blood.

Turn 20: [I pull a Bright Idea card named "fantasy". Not going to describe everything, but there is a wolf howling at the moon.]

Mishale's father, Nyigu**, reacts with a mix of sorrow and denial when he sees his son's cruel demise. The men have to hold him back, and take him away.
*[I am somewhat transposing Mythic's rule that when an attacker has an Exceptional Success, a weapon has its full effect (in this case, killing). Since Mishale's was a critical failure, I transposed that into a critical success for the machete attacker.]
**[Rory Story Cubes again. I got a bee, so I called the father "hornet", and looked for the Swahili translation.]
***[I botched the Intuition rolls. They both failed. However, this didn't really have that much of an effect.]
+[I always thought that in a solo game, it'd be more interesting to play through the perspective of different characters, even if they were technically NPCs.

Mishale's not a totally unextpected death,  but I am actually kinda sad to see him go. I thought he had potential as a cocky more physical sidekick to Radi. It is what it is, though.]

++[It's also interesting to let Mythic take a PC and play it like an NPC, which is what happened with Radi]

+++[Threads: I haven't been keeping track of threads, though right now the only important one is the one related to this killer. Not sure if it's worth listing others such as Joy's sister's cat, or Joy's cooperation with the police...

Characters: I should probably start making a list of characters...]


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