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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Intervention - Session 2 (Working Title)

A colour scene for Joy.

[Last time I ended the game after Joy had sent an email to Keyla Lamb, who appears to be a Peace Corp leader in Uganda, warning her about the vision she had.

I have not created a Story Goal yet (in card form or otherwise). Likewise, a "shock/issue" pair is still needed, though I would call it something like Premise/Issue or Color/Isssue...this is how half baked the idea is at this point. I'm going to tentatively say that this should be decided by the 10th turn.  I did not implement this idea at all throughout the game. It turned out to be much more freeform in nature. You might still say that the Story Goal is to find the killer. There was no "shock/issue" pair, as there is no issue being explicitly explored.

The use of Rory Story Cubes has been fun so far. I'm doing a lot better this time with the Bright Idea cards. Google has been very helpful too with the geographical aspects, since this is happening on the 'real world'.]

Turn 4: [I turn a Bright Idea card, and get a yellow card named "Variance". A woman looks disappointed that her cake did not turn out perfect like the one pictured in her recipe book. I will interpret it somewhat literally. It's a great opportunity to add a little bit of the mundane, like the movies. Odds of 50/50 with Mythic, indicate that it's Joy's Sister's birthday. Rory Story Cubes show a clock when I asked her name. Google says "Mnemosyne" was the Greek goddess of time, so her name is "Syne". Mythic says she does not have the gift of seeing.]

Joy has been busy all morning preparing a cake for her sister, Syne. She realizes with frustration she must not have put the batter evenly in the ove, because her cake is uneven. Rookie mistake that should not happen with her.

Obviously she is being distracted by her vision last night. She has been trying to forget it, but it won't be ignored, pulsing in the background. She decides to check her email, not really expecting a reply, but inwardly hoping that someone does listen.  [Mythic Odds Unlikely:  82 fail]

As expected, no one has answered. "They've probably ignored it", she thinks. She knows she sould not expect otherwise, but inside she still feels dissappointed and a strange feeling of anxiety.

Turn 5: [I turn over a red Bright Idea card  called "conflict". People in a library looked annoyed at a jerk in a business suit talking on a cellphone. I'm going to go with the word "conflict." Is her sister calling to cancel? Mythic Odds 50/50: 45 yes. Fight with her husband? 50/50: 65 no. Work? 50/50: 90 no. Disaster at her house? 50/50: 50 yes Rory Story Cubes say it's a pet.]

To add to an already bad day, Syne calls to cancel. Her cat is very sick, probably dying. Joy understands, of course, but still.

She tries to salvage the day by taking a bite out of the ruined cake. At least it tastes OK [Myhthic yes/no]. Later she goes into town to get some candles to burn for St. Peter, and pray that whatever evil was in that cave in Uganda subsides.


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