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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Intervention - Session 12

Joy has learned from Kayla all about Mishale's parents, and what they went through since their son's death. Joy decides that they are probably her best lead besides Radi.
[Chaos factor is 5.

(Since Kayla is somewhat under suspicion, I will refrain from using her POV to maintain the mystery for myself. )

Scene setup: Joy is now lying in bed on the same cabin as Kayla [Mythic], trying to think of what her next step should be, when she notices a shadow outside.

This time I decided to check with Mythic on whether this scene would be altered or interrupted, and got me an "interrupted scene". The rolls for the interrupt scene were as follows:

Event Focus: NPC Positive (randomly chosen to be #7: Mishale's Family)
Event Meaning: Dominate the Public

Did his parents become community leaders after Mishale's tragedy? Odds Likely: 67, yes
Do they have political capital on a larger stage? Odds Likely: 97, Exceptional No
The main leader will be the father. (per Mythic)

Via a combination of UNE and Rory Story Cubes, I've created Mishale's parents bio:
Akili (Wisdom) (Mishale's father)

After Mishale, his son, was murdered, Akili's life was like a nightmare. First came denial, then sadness as reality set in. In the beginning, he used to visit Kampala every day to pressure the police in its investigation, but  it has not gone anywhere.

Not knowing where else to turn, Akili found new purpose and comfort in the Good Book. He has since become the village's preacher, and de-facto spiritual leader along with his wife. He advocates a return to old fashioned values. The other villagers believe his intentions are generally positive, if conservative.

Aminika(Trustworthy) (Mishale's mother)

Aminika understandably went through many of the same emotions as her husband after Mishale's death. She dutifully joined him in the quest for justice from the authorities, as she feared correctly that there would be other victims .

When that failed, Aminika began to distance herself from the rest world. Initially, she locked herself away from others, but like Akili she found herself increasingly drawn to the Bible . Eventually, she believes, God provided her and her husband with illumnination on His plan for the people of the village.

Not knowing where else to turn, Akili found new purpose and comfort in the Good Book. He has since become the village's preacher, and de-facto spiritual leader along with his wife. He advocates a return to old fashioned values. The other villagers believe his intentions are generally positive, if conservative.

Interrupt Scene Setup: Joy learned from Kayla all about Mishale's parents and all they went through since their son's death. Since she now knows that they have become the village's de-facto spiritual leaders she thinks they are probably her best lead besides Radi (and probably safer than him, in her estimation) ]

Turn 57:[BIC: "Illumination". ] It's a very bright and hot day, which Joy finds somewhat comforting given what Kayla had told her about the rumors that the killer liked to strike on rainy days [Mythic]. The village looks unlike anything Joy saw before, including Kampala: humble houses painted in bright pastel colors that don't seem to fit with each other [Mythic result of "bravely, odd", plus various Fate rolls].

When Kayla parks her jeep, Joy steps outside to see kids playing around.  [Mythic Fate question returned "22, yes" when I asked about what Joy drives. It generated a random event.]

[Random Event: 44, Move Toward A Thread. Randomly chosen to be #3"Toby's  change of character, and his new philandering ways.". Event Meaning: "Vengeance, Success". Has her sister communicated with her to gloat? Odds 50/50: 28, Yes. Did she say what she did? Odds 50/50: 42,Yes.

What did she do? BIC: "Irrationality". (A guy with binoculars, and a clown are sledding down a hill. Trees are upside down, windows are floating,and books are flying.) Did she do something serious like try to run him down?  Odds 50/50 since she was depressed: 81, No. Did she get hold of his address book? 08, Exceptional yes.]

Joy doesn't know it yet, but Syne has sent her an email gloating about how she got a hold of Toby's address book which contains information no friends, co-workers, business contacts, etc. She has already begun to contact people to sully Toby's reputation.

Turn 58: [BIC: "Expression". A painter is sitting working on a self-portrait (one of many). There are other finished paintings of a goat and a red planet (or a tomato) on the floor. ]

When Joy and Kayla get to Akili and Aminika, they find them at a choir practice outside. Aminika is leading while Akili is watching.

[UNE:  Kayla's bearing is "Prejudiced, Doubt" and her Focus is "Current Story". I will treat this as something that Kayla has already expressed as opinion to Joy.]

As they walk towards the group, Kayla once again expresses her cynicism regarding the couple's new found purpose as preachers [Mythic]. "It's all about being holier-than-thou with them," she says while rolling her eyes.

"They might know something helpful," says Joy.

"I think so," says Kayla [Mythic].

Turn 59: [UNE: Akili's Bearing is "Scheming, Negotiation" and his Focus is "Community". BIC: "Restraint". A marching crowd being signaled to stop by a cop. The card is about knowing when to show restraint.]

After getting Akili's attention, Kayla introduces Joy as a "private investigator" from the United States, looking to learn more about this serial killer.  Akili, being reminded of the awful event, is visibly holding back his emotions, trying to offer a calm front. He is willing to help with any questions [Mythic], on condition that they keep him in the loop at every step of the way [Mythic].

He also says that he will convince the community to help in the Peacecorp's efforts, if and only if they bring the killer to justice [inspired by UNE above, ratified by Mythic].   However, as Kayla translates for Joy, she also tells her that she declined his offer. "I declined his offer, of course," she says dismissively.

Joy begins her questioning by asking whether Akili thinks anyone had a grudge against Mishale. Akili  replies that he doesn't think so [Mythic]. She then asks, "Anyone jealous of him?" But Akili shakes his head.

Joy: "Were there any strangers around  on the day of the murder?" An emphatic no from Akili [Mythic]. He admits that he wasn't specifically paying attention to who was around, but he would have known since the village isn't exactly big.

Joy then asks whether there are any other foreign organizations besides the Peace Corps near the village. Akili mentions that there is a U.N. Peacekeeping base of operations not far [Mythic]. They are not European troops, but from America.

Joy: "Do you trust Radi?" Akili easily affirms to this. He does. "So you don't think he was involved at all?" [Mythic Exceptional No]. Akili cannot quite hide from his face that he thinks this is a stupid question. "Radi wasn't in Kampala when the other murders happened."

[Turn 60: "BIC: Sythesis." An old woman sitting on a rocker, stitching together a large blanket. There are various disparate tools lying on the floor.

Was the mine for some material used to sythesize a product? Odds Very Likely: 88, No. Was it a diamond mine?  Odds Likely: 22, yes.

Random Event: PC Negative. Event Meaning: Trick, Tactics

Was Akili telling the story of the mine, unprompted? 55, No. (It was Kayla, per Mythic)

Random Event: PC Negative. Event Meaning: Desert, Dreams

Is it a very hot day? 07, Exceptional Yes. On top of that, Joy was starting to feel sort of dizzy. (Mythic)

Got all that?? Time to interpret..]

After Joy and Kayla finished their conversation with Akili (Aminika was busy [Mythic]), Kayla was relating to Joy how the abandoned mine was once a diamond mine. As joy listened, she noticed herself feeling a bit uncomfortable with the heat, but she figured it would pass.

"Are you OK?" Kayla pauses [Mythic]

Just then, a naughty youth grabs her purse and runs with it [Mythic]. Kayla runs after him, and Joy follows, but only minutes after exerting herself she blacks out [Mythic]. 

[The two PC Negative random events drove the whole of the last turn. Again, Mythic throws me something from left field.

Scene upkeep:
Updated character list:

Update #7: Aminika (Mishale's mother)
Add #17: Akili (Mishale's father)
Update threads:
#2: Syne and Toby's apparent feud after their divorce. (Roll this one into #3. Cross it out.)
#3:  Toby's change of character and his new philandering ways have given Syne cause to look for revenge by getting a hold of his old address book. She has tried to sully his reputation with his contacts. (This happened off scene, and an email from Syne is awaiting Joy whenever she gets to her account)

Chaos factor goes up to 6, since Joy was not in control.]



  1. Just yesterday I was wondering where is the next episode :)
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Aleksandar,

    Yeah, I've been wanting to continue the story, but this week has been way busy! Thanks for the comments!


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