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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Intervention - Session 14

Joy wakes up inside Akili and Aminika's house. Kayla is there as well.
[Chaos factor is 6.

Last time we left Joy, she had passed out in the village when a naughty youth took her bag. Odds are that she is now in one of the village's houses, most likely Akili and Aminika's house (Odds A Sure Thing). Mythic ratified this with an Exceptional Yes.

Scene setup: Joy wakes up to find herself inside a Akili and Aminika's house. Kayla is there as well [Mythic].]

[Turn 64: BIC: "Instinct" (reversed). Cautions against: Leaping to conclusions, being overcautious]

When Joy is conscious again she wakes up to voices arguing. Joy asks Kayla what's going on. Kayla, sounding relieved [Mythic], tells her that Akili and Aminika wanted to take her to the village's healer [Mythic ratified]. "They totally overreacted. I told them you'd be fine. It's just heat exhaustion"[Mythic]

And apparently, Joy thinks, she was right because she was out only about five minutes. Kayla suggests they leave for the Peace Corp camp, and call it a day so she can get some rest [Mythic]. Joy does not want to go, but Kayla is not having any of it [Mythic]. Can Joy persuade Kayla?

[Kayla's Willpower is Exceptional, based on the fiction (Mythic ratified). It's a contest between Joy's Persuasion skill vs Kayla's will: Average vs Exceptional, which Joy failed with a roll of 59.]

Joy tries to explain that time is of essence, but Kayla flat out refuses, explaining that she will not risk having Joy progress into actual Heat Stroke by letting her exert herself after her blackout. They can continue tomorrow, and Kayla will make sure Joy hydrates herself (all said in that bossy manner of hers).

[I had two Mythic random events as a result of two Fate questions: Does Kayla know about heat stroke? 44, yes. Is she bossy in her tone? 11, yes

The first one is:

Focus: NPC Positive: Randomly chosen to be Radi (#4)
Meaning: "Stop, Allies"

Does this mean he convinces Kayla to hang around with Joy a bit longer? 24, Yes.
Is he interested in Joy's knowledge? 08, Exceptional Yes

The second random event:

Focus: NPC Action: randomly chosen to be Lea Alvarez (#5)
Meaning: Vengeance, Disruption

Does this mean that Lea Alvarez has a talk with Joy's sister, as a personal favor to Joy? 07-Exceptional Yes
This obviously happens off-scene, unknown to Joy. Lea must be familiar enough with Syne. ]

As Kayla and Joy are about to get in the car, Radi interrupts them, speaking in Swahili[Mythic] to Kayla. Kayla reacts sort of hesitantly at first[Mythic], but then seems to agree to something.

Translating for Joy, she tells her that Radi is insisting on talking with her. She says that she's not crazy about the idea, but is OK about staying as long as Joy stays in the shade and hydrates herself.

They leave for Radi's house.

At roughly the same time, thousands of miles away Lea Alvarez pays a visit to Syne. She heard through the grapevine that Toby, Syne's ex-husband, has put in a formal complaint for larceny and defamation [Mythic]. While she can't make the charges go away [Mythic], she has come to warn Syne against making things worse. She lets her know that she's doing this as a favor to Joy.

[Good point to end the scene/session, before we move on to Radi's house.

Scene upkeep:
No significant updates to threads.

Chaos factor goes down to 5. Joy was not in control, but she got a lucky reversal and now she gets to talk to Radi.]


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