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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Intervention - Session 16

Gloria makes a new friend. Joy and Radi find what they were looking for.

Part 1: Gloria

[I will make use of Mythic's "Tween stories" rule for Gloria. It's meant for scene's between adventures in long running campaigns, but I think it'll work as a way to speed through uninteresting scenes. The basic idea is: Think about what might be transpiring in the character's life based on the story so far, and ask a relevant yes/no FATE question.

In keeping with the semi-humorous bent in Gloria's thread, I will say that Gloria is now sitting very uncomfortably next to a very plus sized gent. She could sure have used the other airline's spacious seats. The tween story fate question is: is the above what transpires? Chaos Factor is 5, and odds are 50/50 since Murphy's law seems to be very much part of her misadventure. A roll of 37 confirms this is what happens. ]

We cut to Gloria, who is in a very cramped spot next to a very chatty gentleman. [RSC: conversation bubble] He just will not shut up about his jet setting lifestyle [RSC: multi directional arrows]. This is his second trip to Africa, which will end with a visit to the Pyramids [RSC: pyramid].He says that his next adventure will be a trip to Orbit in one of those Russian spacecraft [RSC: moon]. Gloria just wants to sleep, but of course she can't bring herself to be rude and just nods politely.

[I have a feeling this portly man could become a useful NPC, so I might add him to the character list. He is going to Uganda too. (Mythic)]

Part 2: Radi

[Chaos Factor is 6.

Scene setup: After another otherworldly message from Mishale, Joy decides to go along with Radi to witness and ostensibly help him with his his "magic" in the caves.

Mythic indicates this scene is altered. Is someone waiting for them at the cave? Odds Unlikely, 18, Yes Is it the killer? Odds No Way, 03-Exceptional yes. Perhaps I shouldn't have asked that question, because the appearance of the killer at this point seems abrupt.

To add a bit of what I had intended, I'm going to have a little "Tween" story for Radi and Joy. I want to establish that they had a conversation on the way to the cave where Joy tries to somewhat befriend Radi.

My guess is that Joy would ask Radi whether he believes in an afterlife, and that he would answer that he does (since he believes in her Magic). They would have a conversation about the afterlife, and Mishale would be part of that subject. Then Joy would confess that she had a vision where Mishale told her that Radi's passion was the portal to the killer.

Odds Likely, 94-No. Per "Tween" story rules, it's an Altered Scene. Did Joy instead seem awfully quiet and apprehensive about something? Odds Likely, 24-Yes. ]

[So, here's the proper Altered Scene setup: On the way to the cave, Radi has noticed that Gloria seems awfully quiet and apprehensive about something, but she doesn't say anything. When they get to the cave, someone is there already waiting for them. ]

[Mythic: Does the killer reveal himself? Very Unlikely, 21-Yes. Does he reveal his identity as the killer? Very Unlikely, 46-No (barely)]

It's dark inside, except for a bit of light, and a man is there, not trying to conceal himself.

[Because of Mishale's passion, which used to be flying, it's very likely that the killer is some sort of pilot-- probably with military training. Is he a pilot? Likely, 73-Yes. Is he a military pilot? Likely, 46-Yes. Is he from the UN? 50/50, 10- Exceptional Yes. This means he is probably a career soldier who's been there for a while.
Mythic also indicated he is there in uniform and that Radi has seen him around the Peacecorps before. Why? Even though she's not the killer, has she been involved with the pilot in some way? Odds Somewhat Likely, 76-Yes. ]

Radi recognizes the man as a UN pilot. He has seen him hanging around the Peacecorps-- and there were lighthearted rumors that he was dating Kayla-- but that was a long time ago. He kind of made himself scarce after a while-- the assumption was that Kayla dumped him. [Mythic] That happened before Mishale's death, however.
[Turn 72: BIC: "Demolition": Encourages wiping the slate clean; starting from scratch. The man in the picture has a sledgehammer.]

Radi and Joy find the man and what remains of Radi's "altar", which he has destroyed, probably by kicking it. He turns to them, as if he had been waiting for them, and tells them that the evil needs to be destroyed.

[I'll say Radi has an IQ of High, since it was established in Session 4 that he was bright. Does he grasp the fact that he's the killer? Difficulty Below Average because given given Mishale's message from beyond, any average person would be suspicious that a pilot would in the cave acting and talking in such a fashion. High vs Below Average and the roll is 55 (random event).]***

Hearing this man talk, and remembering he's a pilot, Radi puts 2 and 2 together, and knows immediately. Also, seeing his "altar" destroyed, and his "magic" threatened, he believes that the man is afraid Radi was getting too close-- more proof of his guilt, in Radi's mind. He grabs a rock to attack.

[Does Joy try to stop Radi? Very Likely, 97-Exceptional No. ]

Joy's fear gets the better of her. In a panic, she runs away. Deja vu.

[Event Focus: 100-NPC Positive
Event Action: Carelessness
Event Subject: Allies
Random NPC chosen was the killer.* ]

Radi knocking both herself and Radi to the floor.

[Does he have a machete again? Likely, 66.

Random Event:
Event Focus: (36)Move Towards A Thread. Randomly chosen thread is #11, "The victims erupted into Joy's awareness, demanding justice."
Event Action: Guide
Event Subject: Stalemate]

Before the killer can attack, Joy looks up at the killer and blurts out, "They demand justice." Her face seems like in a trance. "Dalila and her unborn child. Fatima, who was just trying to walk home." One by one, she recites the victims names, and how he did them in. This seems to stun the killer (stalemate) for a moment.

[Is this enough for Radi to get to him? Radi's Reflex Average +1 because the killer is taken aback. Somewhat Likely odds. 76-No] Radi attempts to take on the pilot while he seems taken aback, but the killer combat training serves him well.

The pilot goes for the kill [Mythic Exceptional Yes]. The killer stumbles on some debris, and only cuts Radi superficially on near his ribs on his first try. Radi is able to avoid the next attack, and knowing he has no real chance, he tries to escape with Joy. However, he gets the machete in the back for his effort.

He tells Joy to run for it. She seems to hesitate for a moment, but goes. After three vicious wounds from attacks he could not avoid, Radi succumbs and joins Mishale in the afterlife.**    

[Scene upkeep:

Updated character list:

4) Radi (current Chaos Factor 6) (Deceased)

Update threads:

4) Radi's dream of being a jet pilot are shattered. Radi is killed.

7) What is/was on Kayla's mind while she was playing with the kids? Was it the breakup with the pilot?

8) Kayla and Joy's ongoing communication regarding the killer. Was Kayla in communication with the killer too?

9) The killer: Continues to claim victims. Five victims in six years, and he appears to be loose in Kampala, Uganda's capital. Identifying details regarding his MO are emerging: strikes on rainy days, and leaves Bible passages about sin; thought to be about the victim's sin; he's angry and contemptuous. Less reliable but salacious gossip states that he strikes when rainbows are spotted over lake Victoria, and that he may be a practitioner of an African native religion who's mocking Christianity. Revealed to be a UN pilot. Motivation unknown as of yet, but may have to do with Kayla.

12) Joy's last vision of the killer told her that he is expecting her. It's a man, but she can't see his face. How does he know? Kayla?

13) Radi's psyche unbalanced to the point where he performs animal sacrifice and self mutilation rituals as a way of "preparing" for the killer. This he calls "magic", and he believes Joy's "magic" can help him. Radi is deceased.

14) Gloria is worried about her son in the afterlife, and decides to seek Joy out in Uganda (she cannot wait). She meets a portly gentleman during her trip, who is quite chatty and quite the jet-setter.

15) Mishale's message to Joy: "His passion is your portal to the killer", meaning Radi's passion. This revealed that the killer is a UN pilot.

16) Radi's parents want Radi to move on. They think Kayla and Joy are as foolish as Radi for getting involved. What will be the fallout now that Radi is dead?

* Gloria was chosen first, but she's on the plane. I re-rolled as it was nonsensical, and I didn't' want to have yet another off-scene result happening.
**(Breakdown of the killer's attack on Radi: 
{first attack}Can Radi avoid it? Radi's Reflex Average: 90, No.
Is Radi hurt? The killer has Above Average strength [Mythic]. That means that the machete's acting rank is High. High vs Above Average (Radi's Toughness), 92, No. That's when the killer stumbled over debris and only grazed Radi.

Radi avoids the next attack, and tries to escape with Joy, only to get hit in the back (-1 to Toughness). The next two attacks hit, one of them being critical, so that lights out for Radi.)

*** Re-reading this, I realized that I totally contradicted the altered tween scene that Mythic gave me. Radi could not have made a connection that it was a pilot based on Mishale's message because Joy never told him! However, I'm not kicking myself too much because the situation where they found the pilot was suspicious enough-- plus Joy may have said something at that moment or reacted in some way that would tip Radi off...maybe.
Chaos factor would have gone up to 7 since it was a crazy scene.


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