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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Intervention - Session 19

A disturbing discovery.

[This scene will be from Joy's POV

Chaos Factor is 8.

Aminika and the mob have just heard Radi describe the killer during the last scene, but only Joy came to them.

Scene setup: They don't ask where Radi is [Mythic], having assumed that the crazy young man has run after the killer. Joy's goal is to get to Keyla at the Peace Corp camp.

Roll for scene type, and I get an interrupt scene.

Event Focus: Move toward a thread. (randomly chosen to be #11 "The killer's victims erupted into Joy's awareness, interrupting her latest session. They demand justice."*)
Event Action: Abuse
Event Subject: Success

Interrupt Scene Setup: The victims, still in pursuit of justice, will show Joy where the killer's vehicle is. More evidence will be found there [Mythic].]

Turn 77: [BIC:"Acquisition": A man burdened with possessions he's dragging behind him in a cart. ]

Without explaining, Joy begins walking as the victims instruct her. The group, not really knowing what's going on, just follow. When Joy and the group finds the vehicle, they find a small box with photos of people [Mythic and RSC: lightning (flash) and a sad face)]. Some of the photos look as if they were taken with night vision technology [ a moon]-- as if the people were being stalked. They also find gloves[RSC: hand], and lock picking tools [RSC: a tower/fortification (I thought of the opposite of being 'secure'].

Turn 78: [BIC: "validation". ]

Joy doesn't need to explain what they just found. They all comprehend. The English speaking fellow asks Joy how did she know where to find this, did the kidnap them in his car?

Joy, not wanting to say outright that spirits communicated with her: "No. The angels told me. "

And they believe her [Mythic]. Several of them cross themselves, being religious folks.

Joy tells them further, "You'll find Radi's body at the cave." Then, more emotionally, "He was trying to protect me."

When the man reluctantly translates, Radi's father, who's in the crowd, tries to attack Joy, but is held back by the others.

[Mythic] Despite not knowing any Swahili, Joy knows he blames her for Radi's death.

Turn 79: [BIC: "Luck"]

The man who's been translating for Joy laments his village's luck of having two young lives taken from them.

[Scene upkeep: 

Updated character list:

Update threads:

11) The killer's victims erupted into Joy's awareness, interrupting her latest session. They demand justice. They have now led her to the pilot's vehicle where incriminating evidence is found.

Chaos factor down to 7 since Joy was in control]


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