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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Intervention - Session 15

Joy talks to Radi for the first time, at his house.
[Chaos factor is 5.

Last time we left Joy, she and Kayla were heading to Radi's place. Radi is very interested in what Joy knows.

Scene setup: Joy, Kayla and Radi are at his house now where Joy and Radi will interrogate each other on
their knowledge. [Mythic did not alter or interrupt this scene]

[Turn 65: BIC: "Investigation" (reversed). Cautions against snooping, busybodies, avoiding tough facts, conducting witch hunts, refusing to do due diligence.

Is this coming from Radi? 50/50: 99, Exceptional No. From his parents? Very Likely: 18, Yes Do they continually argue with radi about sticking his nose where it doesn't belong? Odds Very LIkely: 37 Yes. ]

Again, Joy cannot initially understand, but she notices an upset couple in the house arguing with Radi. She assumes they're his parents. Eventually, Kayla whispers to her that they're chewing Radi out about this obsession of his with the killer. They want him to let it go and go on with his life [Mythic]. Joy can understand their point of view, given how damaged Radi looks both physically and spiritually.

[Mythic says Radi's parents demeanor is "hostile", in UNE's terms. Their bearing is "combat". Their focus is "knowledge". Do they turn their attention to Kayla and Joy? Likely: 20, Yes]

They eventually turn their hostility towards Kayla and Joy. Kayla tells her they need to leave [Mythic]. Joy asks her whether she thinks Radi will find his way to the camp, but Kayla says she's not sure [Mythic]. The belligerent couple does not stop them from leaving.

When Kayla translates after they leave, she says they're were yelling about whether she thought risking their lives for something that does not concern them is worth it. [Mythic]

"They said we are as foolish as Radi," says Kayla.[Mythic]

Later, they make it back to camp. [Mythic]

[Turn 66: BIC: "Cooperation" (reversed). Cautions against working alone, trying to do everything by yourself. I'll interpret it more literally.]

Kayla didn't mention anything more about wanting Joy to rest after the blackout[Mythic], but Joy can see that she's not keen on doing more today-- it's been a day full of action to be sure. Joy, instead, decides to catch up with her email, and maybe talk to some of the staff as well. Kayla tells her to go ahead and knock herself out [Mythic] (perhaps there was a subtext there, thought Joy semi-humorously).

Joy catches up with her email, and sees the crazy message that Syne sent her about sticking it to Toby (Lea Alvarez, the policewoman, did not send her anything yet [Mythic]). Syne is not online [Mythic].
[Since I didn't declare that Joy pick up a calling card at the airport or city, I'll roll against her IQ (Average), to see if I can retro-actively say that this was easy enough to assume. Did she remember to buy a calling card? Average vs Average: 66, No]

Joy wishes she had bought a calling card at the airport. She's angry at herself for forgetting to use common sense, and now she's concerned about her sister. Since Kayla is busy somewhere else in the Peacecorp camp [Mythic], she'll have to do with an email for now asking her sister if she's OK, and to tell her to avoid doing anything crazy until she comes back.

Right now she just wants to pack up her things and leave. She half-questions her own sanity, but she can feel the effect this evil has had on her gift-- and the victims, she reminds herself.

She decides to go and make herself helpful; get to know some of the staff, and maybe find out something.

[Turn 67: BIC: "Overwhelmed". Cautions against being too easily overwhelmed, refusing to see when a situation is unproductive/unhealthy, ignoring danger signs, taking on more than you can handle, mental or emotional instability.

Radi is mentally/emotionally unstable, so does she run into Radi as she's leaving the cabin? Odds 50/50: 04, Exceptional Yes. Does he look unbalanced? Likely: 61, Yes. we've already established that Radi speaks some english in Session 3.

Is he asking her to follow her to the cave? He's unstable, so I don't know. Odds 50/50: 12, Yes]

In broken English, he asks her to follow him to the cave. He says he must show her something. [Mythic]

Joy does not agree to that, of course. "Let's get Kayla," she tries to stall. But he becomes more insistent, yet not physically. [Mythic exceptional no]

[Turn 68: BIC: "Aptitude" (reversed). Cautions against neglecting your talents.

Has Kayla mentioned that Joy is a clairvoyant? Given her brother/sister-like relationship to Radi (at least at the time of Mishale's murder), Odds Very Likely: 63, Yes]

Radi tells Joy something to the effect of not using her "magic". He mentions his own "magic", meaning his rituals at the cave[Mythic].

Joy, rather than upset him more, tries to hide the fact that she's disturbed and follows his line of thinking.
"We will use our magic, Radi. But we have to do it right."

[Does he buy it? Persuasion Average + 1 rank shift (given that she's agreeing with him) vs Radi's Willpower Average: 92, Fail]

Radi insists that he knows what he is doing and he just needs Joy's magic[Mythic].

Joy refuses and puts her foot down.

[Turn 69: BIC: "Learning.Information". Encourages trying a new approach, observing, gathering research.
Does this mean that Radi reluctantly agrees to do it Joy's way? Odds: 50/50: 54, No. Does he try to persuade Joy? 50/50: 36, yes.]

Radi futilely attempts to reason with Joy, telling her that she can learn a new way to do "magic". Joy won't go.

[Turn 70: BIC: "Perspective". Cautions against rejecting other's points of view; being caged by expectations/experience.

Does Radi leave disappointed? Odds 50/50: 32, Yes.]

Disappointed, Radi walks away in frustration, disgusted by Joy's blindness to what is the obvious solution according to his belief.

[Turn 71: BIC: "Comfort" (reversed). Cautions against failing to see how situations change, doing only what feels good, being blinded by habit or routine.

Well, the last three BIC results keep kinda pointing to this theme. Does Joy receive a sudden vision encouraging her to follow Radi? Given the BIC results/oracles I'd say Odds Likely: 32, Yes

Is it a message from Mishale? Since he was Radi's buddy, Odds Very Likely: 04, Exceptional Yes. Mythic Complex Question: What does he tell Joy? Passion, Portal.]

This time Joy receives a short vision of Mishale telling her to follow Radi. His message is: "His passion is your portal to the killer."

[Scene upkeep:

Updated character list:

5) Radi's Family (I will list each member if/when it becomes necessary). Radi's parents.

Update threads:

13) Radi's psyche unbalanced to the point where he performs animal sacrifice and self mutilation rituals as a way of "preparing" for the killer. This he calls "magic", and he believes Joy's "magic" can help him.

15) Mishale's message to Joy: "His passion is your portal to the killer", meaning Radi's passion.

16) Radi's parents want Radi to move on. They think Kayla and Joy are as foolish as Radi for getting involved.

Chaos factor back to 6 since Joy wasn't really in control ]


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