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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Intervention - Session 17

Joy runs for her life.

[Chaos Factor is 6.

Scene setup: Joy is running for her life, and the killer is after her. A chase ensues through the woods as sundown begins. [Scenes remains the same after Mythic scene roll].

[Turn 73: BIC: "Teamwork". Self-explanatory. Given Joy's gift, this can only mean that the spirit world is teaming up with Joy to keep her safe. Mythic says it's Radi and Mishale.]

As Joy runs blindly through the forest, she suddenly sees Radi and Mishale ahead of her. Radi looks peaceful, and more boyish with a smile. She imagines he used to look more like that as a 14 year old boy.

Mishale says, "We're all going to pretend that we are hares." Hide and Seek. She gets it.

"Come on, Joy," Radi smiles. Joy follows.

[Turn 74: BIC: "Satisfaction" (Reversed). Cautions against a feeling of complacency.]

The killer is not being complacent, thinking that Joy will be easy prey. He seems to be zooming in on her, apparently helped by his military training.

[This needs to be a contest. I'll say that with supernatural help from boys that knew the land, Joy's survival skill will be Exceptional. The killer's with his military training, but not having lived in the area as long will be High (Mythic).

Can Joy avoid detection until the killer gives up, and make it out of the woods? Exceptional vs High: 76, No.

I haven't used favor points for any of the characters so far, even though each gets 50. Honestly, I just forgot about that rule, because the characters were not protagonists. After much internal debate, however, I've decided not to bail Joy out.]

The killer finds Joy's hiding place, after much effort. He is good.

[Is the killer concerned about what she knows and who she has told it to? Does he take her back to the cave? Odds Very Likely: 72, Yes.* ]

The killer grabs her by the hair: "I've got ya, bitch," he says in an American Southern drawl**. He takes her back to the cave where he intends to get all the truth out of her. Radi and Mishale can't help her.

[Scene upkeep:

Updated character list:

None to update.

Update threads:

Add #17: Stay alive and escape the killer (Joy)

Chaos factor goes up to 7, since Joy was not in control.

*(If it was an ultra realistic story, I would have asked whether he kills her, but Joy is a protagonist and movie logic should apply. I guess I'm bailing her out after all!)

**(I had asked if he had a posh accent first, and Mythic said 'no'. Also got a Mythic random event from a 33 roll.

Event Focus: Move away from a thread. Randomly chosen to be #5: "Radi's little brother relationship to Keyla."
Event Action: Fight
Event Subject: Enemies

Kayla will probably blame Joy for Radi's demise, so it's unlikely she'll ever find out more about their relationship through her. It's not in play right now, however, so it doesn't matter at the moment.)]



  1. Not connected to this post or this game, but I like the way you re-designed your blog.

  2. haha, thanks! I've been trying to unclutter it a little, but I've actually added more stuff!


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