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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Intervention - Session 18

Joy fights for her life.

[I messed up big time on Session 16, by saying that Radi knew about the killer, in part because he was a pilot. I forgot that Mythic had interrupted my setup scene saying that Joy never got to the chance to communicate that...

In a sense, I think Radi would still have attacked for other reasons, and he would have died anyway. Still, I consider it a "B" movie plot hole you can drive a truck through. :( 
Chaos Factor is 7. 
Scene setup: The killer pilot has Joy in the cave. Out of paranoia, he thinks she may have told someone of his identity, so he's torturing her to find out who.
[I roll to check if there's an altered/interrupt scene. A roll of 6 indicates an interrupt scene.
Event Focus: NPC Action (Randomly chosen to be Aminika, Mishale's mother)
Event Action: Decrease
Event Meaning: Magic
Fate questions indicated that Aminika was tipped off about Radi's intention to get Joy and perform some kind of heathen "magic" ritual to find Mishale's killer.
Mythic also indicated that the killer and Joy also made it there first.
Interrupt Scene Setup: Aminika was told about Radi's plan of getting Joy to the cave and performing some sort of magic ritual. As her husband and her are the village's spiritual leaders now, she gathers a mob to stop whatever unholy thing they're up to in there. The murderer and Joy get there before the approaching mob.
[This scene will be from Joy's POV]
[Turn 75: BIC: "Intuition" (Reversed). Since in Mythic, Intuition is used for a character's general awareness, I'm going to say that the killer is taking an uncharacteristic penalty given his training. He is too busy with a struggling Joy to have full awareness of the approaching mob.
Mythic says the killer's Intuition is High, but with the penalty it drops one rank to Above Average. The difficulty of the roll is Average, so the roll of 53 says that the pilot notices the approaching mob in time to react. The mob is far enough from the cave's mouth that he can make an escape.(Mythic) ]
Joy decides to try and make her own escape. In a desperate attempt, she throws a knee at the pilot's crotch which in a very unlikely manner connects. [Joy's Reflex Rank(-2 penalty) vs Pilot's combat skill rank Above Average : Low (modified) vs Above Average . I roll a 05 for Joy, Exceptional Success. I wasn't expecting that. Mythic says a +1RS or +2RS to damage is in order. I think a vicious knee to the nuts deserves a +2RS]*
[Is he hurt? Killer's strength: Above Average. Willpower: High. (Mythic). This means Toughness is Above Average (supposed to be in between, but there's no in between rank between the two). A roll of 30 for Joy says he doubles over in pain. That's a body shot, so he's taken a -3 Rank Shift (RS) on all actions, per Mythic.
Joy tries to strike next, but fails. So does the killer[Two Mythic contests of Low vs Below Average (due to all the negative RS's)]. Joy makes a run for it [succeeding with a 12 (Low vs Below Average). ]

Turn 76: [BIC: "Passage". The killer makes a run for it as well. Does the mob see him? It's dark now so Odds Very Unlikely: 79, No.]
Joy runs towards the mob, guided by their lights, while the killer makes his getaway. Joy is frantically trying to communicate that she's found the killer by yelling. 
[Anyone understand English? Very Unlikely: 11, Yes. 
Random event:
Focus: NPC Action (randomly chosen NPC is Radi, though he is deceased)
Action: Extravagance
Subject: Wishes

The only thing that seems to make sense is that Radi temporarily possesses Joy and speaks through her (Mythic agrees). Is Joy too far away for them to see? Odds Likely: 09, Exceptional Yes. Mythic also says they hear Radi's voice. ]
Radi communicates through Joy in Swahili. He tells the mob about the killer that attacked them, and that he's the pilot that was involved with Keyla. When the mob finally reaches Joy, there is no Radi. 
The mob tries to pursue the pilot in the dark, but he's too well trained. He escapes without a trace (Mythic Exceptional Yes)
[Scene upkeep: 
Updated character list:
Update threads:
9) The killer: Continues to claim victims. Five victims in six years, and he appears to be loose in Kampala, Uganda's capital. Identifying details regarding his MO are emerging: strikes on rainy days, and leaves Bible passages about sin; thought to be about the victim's sin; he's angry and contemptuous. Less reliable but salacious gossip states that he strikes when rainbows are spotted over lake Victoria, and that he may be a practitioner of an African native religion who's mocking Christianity. Revealed to be a UN pilot. Motivation unknown as of yet, but may have to do with Kayla. Now he is on the run.

Chaos factor goes up to 8, since the scene was out of control.

*This was a very very lucky roll. Her chances of even connecting were Low.
** Like I said at the beginning, I messed up on the last session as there was no way that Radi could have identified the killer based on the fact he was a pilot (Joy did not get a chance to pass on Mishale's message). However, I'm rolling with the mistake. ]


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