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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Intervention - Session 20

Joy confronts Keyla at the Peace Corps camp.

[Chaos Factor is 7.

Scene setup: Joy is taken to the Peace Corps camp at her request. There she finds Kayla, whom she will confront. Though she can't be a 100% sure, she can't imagine who else would have disclosed her identity to the killer.

A roll of 6 says that there's an Interrupt Scene.

Event Focus: 44-Move Towards a Thread
Action/Subject: Dispute, Possessions
Random thread is #10: "Contacting Terrell: Isleen does not want to let Joy use Terrell’s engagement ring. Session was unsuccessful"

New Scene: When Joy is taken to the Peace Corps, at her request, she is intercepted by Gloria, who has brought Terrell’s engagement ring despite Isleen's protests. She is there with her new portly friend.]

[Turn 80: BIC: "Balance". Woman precariously balancing on a sky scraper high obelisk.]

Gloria is on the brink, a surprised Joy notes, as she's asked a battery of questions by the concerned mother. And who's the fat guy tagging along?

[Turn 81: BIC: "Boldness". A strong man trampling a serpent.]

The man somewhat boldly declares himself Gloria's protector, and explains how he's made himself responsible for her well being here. Gloria seems satisfied with this [Mythic].

Joy is stunned for a moment, by the incongruity of Gloria's presence there, but decides she has no time to waste. Gloria and her companion look lost as Joy departs in search of Kayla [BIC: NPC (guy in a labyrinth)]*. Somewhere in the camp, a choir of children can be heard singing [BIC: environment (woman playing piano)].

Joy does not find Kayla in her room [Mythic. Random Event too].

[Random Event:
PC Negative
Action/Subject: Work Hard, Stalemate]

Joy eventually finds Kayla, and asks to talk to her. She is denied, however, with the excuse that she has too much work to do to be playing detective any longer [interpretation of random event]. When asked by Joy whether she knows that she and Radi were attacked by the killer, she denies knowing anything. When Joy tells her that Radi is gone, something registers in Kayla's face-- something that looks like guilt [Mythic].

[Does Kayla express anything? Unlikely, 89-Yes. BIC (NPC): Imagination]

Kayla tells Joy something to the effect that Joy is suffering from an overactive imagination, if she thinks Kayla is involved in any way. Outside, a truck that is to be filled with food and other humanitarian aid has arrived [BIC (environment):

Sacrifice (a homeless man giving money to a salvation army type of person).] Kayla excuses herself saying that inventory needs to be taken. With that, she leaves Joy, but not without letting her know that perhaps it's time for Joy to leave.[Mythic].

Though now more suspicious of Kayla, without any real proof, and no more leads, Joy is left wondering what to do now. Perhaps a visit to the UN base is in order, but she doubts she will find the killer there.

[Scene upkeep:

Updated character list: N/A

Update threads:

#8: Kayla and Joy's ongoing communication regarding the killer. Was Kayla in communication with the killer too? (see #7)

Update: Kayla continues to act like she has something to hide. She has asked Joy to leave after Joy confronts her.

Chaos factor
* I've decided to experiment with the use of two BIC cards, one representing the NPCs present, and the other one the environment/background. Right now I'm thinking that I'll do that each turn, but that may change if I think a different frequency is better. ]


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