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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Intervention - Session 21

[Chaos Factor is 8.

Scene setup: At Joy's request, she is taken to the UN peacekeeping camp. Though she does not expect to find the killer hiding there at all, she wants to see what she can find out about the killer. She assumes they are aware of what's happened already.

Gloria and her "protector" tag along.

A roll of 7 says that there's an Altered Scene. Is Joy denied access? Likely: 72-Yes

Altered Scene: Joy and the rest get to the UN peace keeping camp, only to be denied access. The villagers offer Joy a place to stay in the meantime. They hope that her spiritual gift can lead them again to the murderer[Mythic].

Gloria and her friend are also offered a place [Mythic + random event].

[Event Focus: 58-PC Negative

Event Action/Subject: Develop/Reality

Interpretation: The local authorities are not buying the psychic story. They come to question Joy.]

A weary Joy returning from the UN base finds that the Kampala police is waiting for her at the village, wanting to question her. There are five cops, led by Sargent Fahamu (RSC: "book", and Fahamu means "Intelligence"). The Sargent is fluent in English, and also a sharp looking middle aged fellow.

[Turn 82: BIC: "Controlling-Restraint"- An authority figure ordering a marching mob to stop.]

Joy relates all that happened, and Sargent Fahamu furrows his brow in thought.

Sargent Fahamu: "Do you know what I think, Ms. Shamrock? I think that you are manipulating these simple villagers, using their pain and fear."

Livid, Joy replies: "I can't believe it. That is ridiculous. Why would I do that? To what end??"

Sargent Fahamu then accuses her of unwittingly leading Radi to his death via this manipulation, which made his psychosis even worse [Mythic]. The policemen proceed to arrest Joy on charges of fraud against the villagers, against every one's vocal protestation.

On her way to the police vehicle, Joy notices a look of confused pain on Gloria's face [Mythic]. This makes the situation even more painful on Joy.

Joy: "Wait! What about the killer's truck, and the pictures we found in them?"

Sargent Fahamu, ominously: "There are no pictures and no truck."[Mythic]

Once in the vehicle, Joy sees one of the policemen with the box that was found on the truck[Mythic]. A new fear arises inside her.

[Scene upkeep:

Updated character list:

#17 Sargent Fahamu

New Thread:

#17 Joy under suspicion now. Police covering up the evidence?

Chaos factor: 9 ]


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