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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Intervention - Session 24

[Chaos Factor is now 8.
[I pretty much want to wrap this story up at this point, so I will treat this as a question of whether Joy gets a bit of peace within herself or not. Would "redemption" be the right word? ]

Scene setup: After a few weeks, Joy gets back to Gloria with an answer of 'yes' to Gloria's request that they try one more time to contact her son Terrel.

A roll of 2 says that the scene is Interrupted.

[Focus: Introduce a new NPC
Action/Subject: Separate/Inside

A little help from the Fate chart: Is this Terrel's skeptical sister? Odds 50/50: 26, Yes. Seems strangely fit for what I'm aiming...]

Interrupt Scene: A few weeks go by, and before Joy has the chance to get back to Gloria, Terrel's skeptical sister, Alexis (which means defender), shows up at her door.

She has come to "find out what this scam is all about" [Mythic]. She's even been able to separate Isleen from her deceased fiance's ring so that Joy doesn't have an excuse this time. Yes, she heard about the first session. [Mythic] Joy wearily invites her in.

[Turn 88: BIC: "Receiving" (reversed)]

Joy can immediately see that Alexis is not very receptive towards her. Her offer of a refreshment is turned down curtly.

Joy: "Then I guess we can proceed." Walking to the dining table she politely asks Gloria's daughter to please sit down.

Alexis puts Terrel's engagement ring on the table, in front of them, and Joy takes it with her palm with great respect.

After some thought, Joy says with sincerity: "You've made it pretty clear that you think I'm a liar. I will not try to convince you otherwise, or defend myself. I just hope we can find some closure for your family."

Alexis grunts with extreme disgust.[Mythic]

Joy: "All I ask is that at least you do your best to think of Terrel right now. Forget about me, or what you think of me, and just think of him."

[Turn 89: Does Joy begin to receive visions? Odds Likely: 99, Extreme No. Any kind of sign? Odds 50/50, 57-Yes. BIC: "Optimism"]

Joy is washed over by feeling of contentment that she recognizes clearly as coming from the spiritual world [Mythic].

[Turn 90: BIC: "Obsession" (Reversed)]

A message...not so much in words, but a message nonetheless.[Mythic] A gentle exhortation not to obsess over loss. [Mythic]

[Turn 91: BIC: "Enough"]

As Joy communicates this to Alexis, Terrel's sister abruptly says: "Enough!". She is visibly upset[Mythic], and expresses her opinion of what she perceives as cheap theatrics. [Mythic]

[Last chance for Joy to show her it's real: Does she receive an unmistakable sign for Alexis? Odds 50/50: 98, Extreme No]

Alexis' outburst causes Joy to lose contact.

[Turn 92: "Fantasy" (reversed)]

Alexis tells Joy she is not weak-minded like her mother, and thus doesn't need the fantasies that Joy spins for her. She finally tells Joy to stay away from her family, before walking out the door. [Mythic]

Joy sits in silence looking at the door, thinking that perhaps the message will find its way to Gloria when she's ready to receive it.

Inevitably, she thinks back to all the horrible things that happened. "So much pain in this world," she thinks. Then she remembers the feeling of contentment she received from the other side, and somehow that fills her with hope that everyone will find peace eventually.

[ I think this is a reasonable point to end this story. It's almost certain that the killer has been eliminated given the weird dreams/visions Joy had during her flight, and also the lack of contact from the murder victims.

Kayla's sketchiness remains a mystery of sorts, and so does the police cover up (and the potential UN military influence behind it). I'm fine with having those as unsolved mysteries. Perhaps a different character will stumble upon those in a different story, X-files style. I don't find uncovering those essential to the heart of this story.

The rest of the unsolved threads were peripheral (Joy's sister situation) and had to be cut due to budget constraints. :)

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have enjoyed the session reports,  warts and all. :) Also thank you to the folks who took the time to comment! Comments are always welcome and Very much appreciated. ]



  1. Well done! Though I thought you were going to continue the stories in soap opera style, finishing things the way you did made the most sense.

    Twice before I played the Mythic RPG solo with the Mythic GME rules in full effect, and both times the story ended in 24 scenes. I really think there's something to that amount.

    Again, well done!

  2. Thanks again, JF!

    I think that had I decided to continue trying to have Joy hunt the pilot, the story would have gotten kind of monotonous in a way. At the same time, Joy’s involvement with the killer thread needed at least the feeling of some closure, so yeah, it made sense to put an end to this story from Joy’s perspective, at least for now. :)

    I kind of like the idea of perhaps having Joy’s story as part of the background for another character, which is something I like about some old-school play I’ve seen in the solosphere where low level characters that die become part of the background.

    Or perhaps if I pick up Joy as a character again, have it as a piece of a larger story arch. The whole cover-up thing kind of took things further into X-Files paranoia territory, so why not.

    By the way, that “24” number does come up for me as well in the Mythic sessions where I’ve stuck with the story to the end (see my messy “Glenn” story on the Yahoo group for example).

    I think that this probably has something to do with one’s attention span, before a story or main thread starts getting kind of old. :)

    What do you think?


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