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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Intervention-Session 22

[Chaos Factor is 9.

Scene setup: Joy is under guard in an interrogation room. She has spent hours there, but has not deviated from her version of the truth, or accepted that there was no evidence. She mentions the box that one of the policemen had on the car, but is told there was no box.

A roll of 10 says that the scene stays as indicated.

[Turn 83: BIC: "Resolve"(Reversed)- Cautions against foolhardiness, sticking to decisions despite consequences, allowing emotions to distort your sense of right and wrong]

Sargent Fahamu enters the room.[Mythic] He studies Joy for a few minutes before breaking the silence.

Sargent: "Ms. Shamrock, the more I've observed you, the more I find myself believing that you are being sincere." He pauses in order to register her reaction. "Sincere, for sure, but also misguided in your empathy for that boy's pain; for the whole community's pain. "

Joy protests at this, but the man shakes his head condescendingly. "Ms Shamrock, over here we like to say that 'Only a fool jumps into the fire'." After a pause, the sergeant says: "We are sending you back to the United States tonight," and Joy knows she has no real say.

He continues: "I will be blunt. The moment I find you back in Uganda, I will charge you with the negligent death of that boy." With that, he gets up and walks to the door.

[Scene upkeep:

Updated character list:


New Thread:

#17 Joy under suspicion now. Police covering up the evidence, and Joy kicked out of Uganda under threat of arrest if she comes back.

Chaos factor: 9 ]


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